Who Was Wendell Gilbert?

From the pages of the Southeast Missouri Post “Who Was Wendell Gilbert?” By Carlton Hurldon Wednesday, July 2, 2008 Briar Hills, Missouri, like any American city, has its share of dark history.  The local police have entire boxes of unresolved cases dating back over a...

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“Mysterious City”

From the pages of the Southeast Missouri Post “Mysterious City” By Carlton Hurldon Monday, October 22, 2007 The city of Briar Hills is a compact metropolis and an urban oasis amid hundreds of miles of rural farmland in southeast Missouri. Located on the banks of the...

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The Tunipet Mystery Boom

On Monday, May 16, 2011, at 1:09 in the afternoon, the city of Tunipet in northern Missouri was rocked by an unexplained “boom.” The event was centered around the main office of Bleckle Distributing Co. on North Timber Street. All of the windows on the north and west...

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That’s Not Funny!

The residents of Pasoken, Wisconsin aren’t amused. For the past two years, the city has been plagued by unsettling sightings of a creepy clown lurking about at night. That’s right, I said clown. Someone has been dressing up like a freaking clown and creeping around at...

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The Mystery of Isabelle Albin

On the morning of Friday, July 14, 1978, Isabelle Emilia Albin, age 13, vanished without a trace from Gold Sunshine Resort, a naturist camping grounds near Blochard, Wisconsin. She had long, brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen just after breakfast, wearing...

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